Sunday, October 27, 2013

Urban outfitter's Sale Mini Haul

Finally! Bought some of UO's sale online with their extra 50% sale. I ordered on a Saturday October 13th and it arrived just this Thursday October 24th. Was hoping it'd come in a week but of course I forgot they need time to "pack and send off" the package and I payed through paypal so of course it takes time to confirm payment. The packaged didn't come over for almost 2 weeks I almost gave up hope! Oh well at least it was free shipping. So I received 3 items in all, 2 shoes and 1 sunglasses from the sale!

The Sunglasses came in plastic with a muslin cotton printed string-tie bag. Nifty and cute.

(With and Without lace socks!)

So all in all I bought 2 pairs of boots and some sunglasses however, I had to return the Creme boots. They ran a little tight up in the toe box and there was a crease at the top of the foot that was very noticeable when I walked. Super disappointing too because they only had 1 of my sizes available left online. But that's okay I preferred the tougher look with the heel cut out boots by Deena and Ozzy. I'll have the pics of my sunglasses on my next outfit post, very basic stuff but was a great deal at $5.00. See ya tomorrow!

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  1. I love that tinge of excitement before a mini haul arrives !! Bummer about the creme boots, hate when that happens!