Friday, April 11, 2014

We belong outside in this weather

Wearing: Biker Jacket + Hat (Forever 21), Sunglasses (Akira Chicago), Necklace (Francesca's), Boots (Doctor Martens), All others vintage.

With the last spots of lilac (or lavender) in my hair, it was too beautiful outside to avoid taking pictures. Me and my sister had school off today and went off to shopping for the first time in forever (queue Frozen music), and I can't help but feel like I will truly miss her when she leaves for a different college next semester. It really sinks in that she and I will possibly be separated for the rest of our adult lives and I'll never have another girlfriend to gossip and argue with! Panic. 

That's quite a revelation I made today. But things are moving in a new direction in my life I feel, and I'm quite sorry for lack of posts, for no excuses could excuse the lack of me on your dashboards. (Other than school and turbulent weather.) I spend the majority trying to sort through my creative inspiration on my Tumblr on the internet. Come talk to me. But if not I'll see you next time in the next post.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lilacs for Spring

Wearing: Hat (Free People), Top (Staring at stars, Urban Outfitters), Everything else is Vintage

After a few trial and errors, I've finally achieved a shade of Lilac I'm satisfied with. My bleaching wasn't completely even at the roots in the first place either! It's a bit patchy, it's not perfect, but I tried my best to coat everything as evenly as possible. A big thank you Sunny from Soy Confessions for the hair tip, I've been toning the hair with a bit of manic panic in my conditioner as well. This is a huge hair transformation, I'm loving the color so far. I hope you all have a happy spring!