Saturday, September 29, 2012

On Sunnier Days...

Vintage sunglasses, Sleeveless shirt (H&M), Velvet Leggings (Forever 21), Vintage clutch, 
Vintage Mudd Mary Janes, Bracelets (Forever 21)

Today became warm for some reason as the clouds parted from earlier this week. So to celebrate...more flowers! And velvet. Just because I can.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Late Florals for Fall

Vintage scarf as a headband, Chain Necklace (Target), Sweater (Forever 21), 'Ancient Vintage' Floral Dress (Forever 21), Vintage Hoodie,Tights (Betsy Johnson), Vintage Boots 

 So its finally getting cold outside and I rack out this floral dress finally after it sat in my closet for a year. I even forgot to wear it out in the spring and summer. Oops.

 On Saturday, I wore a different scarf in this same way and a girl wearing a came up to me and asked where I got it. I tried to explain to her where to get real scarfs and tie them properly into your hair, but I don't think without visuals it helped very much...

 I know Cosmopolitan and one of my favorite youtubers secretlifeofabionerd both tell you how to properly make the "turban headband" by yourself and do a decent job with directions. I've done mine a little differently and perhaps one day I'll post a DIY for it on this new blog!

 Hello to the blogosphere!

 from Likkie.