Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sale on Urbanned Vintage

Promoting my vintage collection by selling it! Urbanned Vintage is a small vintage shop I created to showcase my vintage that needs new homes. I'm going to start putting more items up as now school is in full swing, so go get some new stuff!

PS. It's sale time!!! That means its time for codes. Use the coupon code: THEDIPPSTER15 to get 15% off your purchase from my etsy. Enjoy!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Accessory abuse

Sunglasses (Delia's [old])
Sheer top and Silver bar necklace(Forever 21)
Maroon Shorts (BDG from Urban Outfitters)
Silver Crown Necklace (buy on Amazon.com)
Rainbow gem necklace, Purse, and wooden ring (thrifted)
Silver watch (Nine West)
Leather bracelet and Gold rings (Romwe)

Took a few quick snaps of a shopping outfit. I spammed more accessories than usual here, because I couldn't wear layers today with the temperature over 90 degrees! Crazy. Sometimes I get very lazy when weather is this hot, when nothing I wear seems to give comfort to the weather. 
But, with accessories, it can be an easy fix to a simple outfit. 

This week, I will be attending my grandmother's funeral in Wisconsin for a traditional funeral. So, expect alot of all black outfits in the coming days. 
I've got lots of black in my wardrobe so there's no problem for a week-long 24-7 Hmong traditional funeral, so I'll share with you all a little bit of Hmong culture and my funeral style, as depressing as it sounds. 

Till later then, 
From Likkie :3

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Romancing before schooltime

Accessories: Necklace (Jewelmint [old]), Everything else is Thrifted vintage

Lace Blouse (English Rose Boutique)
Acid Wash Skinny Jeans (H&M)
Burgundy Ankle Booties (MTNG buy it at envishoes.com)

It's been awhile. How do you like the edits? Not sorry if you don't like them, but I was inspired by Dani and Bianca's photo edits as their aesthetic is super whimsical and fun. Sometimes regular old photo editing gets redundant, why not improve and create something new? 

 Anyhow back to school time is here. That'll mean less updates but it'll mean more quality updates. Stay tuned for more soon!

From Likkie <3

Thursday, August 15, 2013

White Magic

AJ Morgan Sunglasses
Necklace (Forever 21)
Vintage Cardigan (thrifted)
White Suspender Dress (Romwe)
Neon Netted Tank (Urban outfitters [old])
Black Sandals (Steve Madden [really old])

It got really chilly really fast recently. Now everyone seems to be wearing sweaters and cardigans even though fall feels like it's just looming in, so even past Labor day I'll need to be careful how I wear this white suspender skirt. I'm sure I'll need really thick tights, and layers! Blessed layers. I'm going to miss showing so much skin and effortless outfits, but now its time to get creative with outfits now....

Currently Loving it up in the sky...

Currently needing. Cloud print.

I can't explain my fascination with cloud print, it's just simply fantastic. It's a bit of a old trend to be honest, but I have yet to add it to my closet. Loving the Jumper+skirt set which can be bought via Mancphoebe, a fantastic stock of fashionable clothing. Bikini (with frills, so kawaii!) can be bought from Outnet on sale! Wish I could find more cloud print out there, I'd snatch it up for the right price!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Longing Desire

Accessories: Crystal Necklace (Macy's), Kingdom Hearts Necklace (worn here), Circle bar necklace (Forever 21)

Long chiffon tunic (Silence+Noise Urban outfitters)
Liquid leggings (simular at Topshop and Dorothy Perkins)
Red Creepers (H&M [old])
Tote (BCBG)

School will be falling back into full swing soon and this is my low maintenance practice outfit. When you have very little time during the mornings to get ready and up for school, I feel wearing a few statement items and going (nearly all) black can keep me lookin' fresh in the crazy world of design. 

What is your low maintenance outfit? Lemme know!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Goth Ninja in Pleather

Rings: Romwe ([sold out] but 3 similar rings here) Bracelet: Forever 21

Fedora (Forever 21)
Pleather Rain Coat (Vintage BB Dakota [Thrifted])
Netted top (Nastygal [sold out])
Tan Romper (H&M [old]but buy simular here)
Platform Boots (Vintage 90's L.E.I. [Thrifted])

Rainy day. You know what that means? Time to break out the ol' BB Dakota rain coat. I love this coat. It's pleather so no worries about taking great care about the water. Sometimes "real" isn't better?

I suppose so. After all, when you do as Goth Ninja does in pleather, you work it in the rain.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New to the Wardrobe and New to Packaging

Photos: 1. English Rose Blouses ($19.99 each) 2. Marilyn Monroe Underwear set ($12.00) 3 & 4. BCBG Black Tote Bag (retailed for round $450 bought for $69.00!) 5. Kitty Topshop packaging 6. & 7. Topshop Cardstock

I used to hate girly frilly things. Hated it. I was a tomboy through and through when I was younger and loved my jeans and t-shirts. I still do, but now I have an appreciation for lace. Romantic and detailed, edgy and rough. I've learned there's all sorts of lace out there to wonder at.
But enough about lace, my big weakness is for leather, and  I've been needing a good sized black leather tote for a while. Mum got me the bag when we were shopping at Marshalls, thank goodness I have a mother who loves shopping as much as me!

If any of you have a Topshop close by, on August 10th online (USA topshop) and in store they'll be giving a student discount for 20% off! You're very lucky if you have one nearby...but I'll just stalk the USA store online a bit more on that day haha! (my wallet is burning right about now)

PS. Isn't the Kitty bag adorable??? I'm going to keep it forever and maybe get another. My designer senses are loving the design. :D

Monday, August 5, 2013

The Radioactive Charcoal from Chicago


Green-Yellow Jelly Tote (Target online for $12.00 bought on sale for $4.50)


Wearing: La Muerte Muscle tee (Urban Outfitters), High Waisted Jeans (TopShop), Kingdom Hearts Necklace (same one on Amazon.com), Silver circle Necklace and Fedora (Forever 21), Everything else is Vintage I thrifted.

The "Instant pixie" hairdo. If you ever get lazy and need to get up and go, this hairstyle is for you. I learned it from a Japanese magazine a few years back and I wear it every time I can't get my hair to work. All you do is wrap your hair in a bun and cap it off so it doesn't move. Really easy peasy. 

Anyhow, I went to Chicago last weekend, and I got these charcoal pants on sale at TopShop for under $20 thanks to a student discount they happened to have that day! It was AWESOME. I love TopShop's stuff. They are a nice charcoal color and with a classic "mom" jean fit. I have several Thrifted Levi's that are similar but nothing compares to TopShop quality. So soft and comfy. And I can't say no to the price. 
But other than the shopping, Chicago was a blast! Me and the Boy-boy went to the Lincoln Park Zoo and the Beach. We got lost heading back to the car from the Magnificent Mile though. Took the subway 3 stations too far!!! Ooops. But we managed. Here's a few photos I managed to take before the battery died:

And with this goofy face, I wish you all a goodnight. :3

Frum your Friendly Dippster xx