Sunday, August 25, 2013

Accessory abuse

Sunglasses (Delia's [old])
Sheer top and Silver bar necklace(Forever 21)
Maroon Shorts (BDG from Urban Outfitters)
Silver Crown Necklace (buy on
Rainbow gem necklace, Purse, and wooden ring (thrifted)
Silver watch (Nine West)
Leather bracelet and Gold rings (Romwe)

Took a few quick snaps of a shopping outfit. I spammed more accessories than usual here, because I couldn't wear layers today with the temperature over 90 degrees! Crazy. Sometimes I get very lazy when weather is this hot, when nothing I wear seems to give comfort to the weather. 
But, with accessories, it can be an easy fix to a simple outfit. 

This week, I will be attending my grandmother's funeral in Wisconsin for a traditional funeral. So, expect alot of all black outfits in the coming days. 
I've got lots of black in my wardrobe so there's no problem for a week-long 24-7 Hmong traditional funeral, so I'll share with you all a little bit of Hmong culture and my funeral style, as depressing as it sounds. 

Till later then, 
From Likkie :3

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  1. love the shorts, such a rad color! great pairing too with the crop top :)