Saturday, December 28, 2013

Almost is never enough

Wearing: Perforated Pleather top (Urban outfitters), Purple Cardigan and Velvet Leggings (Forever 21), Rings (H&M), Necklace (old), Doctor Martens 1460

Left to Right: Thrifted, Doctor Martens 1460, Report shoes, Restricted Shoes, Chinese Laundry

I've got Ariana Grande stuck in my head. I can't stop singing her songs when they hit up on my grooveshark playlists. So here's a small post today with today's outfit I wore to work. Retail can be tough but luckily we can wear Dr. Martens around. I recently received them for Christmas from my boyfriend, I'm ecstatic to wear them all the time forever! I also bought some Report look alikes and mum got me some new flats from Marshalls earlier this month. Got some clothes pre-picked from Urban Outfitters for Christmas from her too (from their 50% off sale items sale!) I got lots! But my time in retail is growing short I put in my 2 weeks notice today and I'm getting mentally prepared for back to school. I'm totally not ready to go back...

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Just a little bit on me

Wearing: Hat (Free People), Necklace (Lyndell NYC), Sweater and Skirt (Vintage), Suspender's Tights (House of Holland at Topshop), Booties (Report Aydin Booties), Rings (Romwe), Samsung S3 Bunny Case (from China)

Last minute Christmas shopping. And I swear, it's not because I'm last's because I couldn't go out to buy all my gifts till today. Going pay check to pay check for gas in my car is no fun. And today is the payday, soooo it's time to buy all the presents! :D 

If you're reading my blog, you've probably noticed I don't wear make-up very often. It's because I prefer keeping my face clean of dirt and oil. I reallyy hate when my acne flares up so I'd much rather wear nothing on me than risk more acne on my face. :P Even foundation messes with my skin! I've had quite the journey to acquire clearer skin from my teenhood years. Like many others, I used Acutane as I got it from my dermatologist. I tried many other topical solutions and pill solutions beforehand, and this was what worked for me. But it's not a miracle cure for all acne. You still have to maintain with topical solutions when you do flare up from the environment and etc. With stress from school and all nighters, you can imagine the toll it takes on my skin....I've also got dry patches every now and then as a result of the Acutane. But I use CeraVe lotions (google it's like $12) on all over to make sure everything is moisturized.  

Most people get really reprimanded for not wearing makeup especially in a incredibly visual world, but I've found just being in my skin with minimal make-up really is just fine. I can be confident with a little bit on me!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Vintage Blues

Wearing: My Dad's hat / Vintage Blazer and pants / Pleather Shirt + Boots (Urban Outfitters) 

Simple outfit today to fix some problems that came up with a school project. Boy today was trouble. Hopefully everything goes alright this week. But this is the final push for school and then it'll be winter break! I'll be working in the winter break time but next year will be school only. I don't think I've been getting very good grades as a result of working full-time weekends. I'm going to try really hard to get stuff done perfectly this time around. I'm a little sad around this time of year though I haven't been able to thrift as often as I'd like. This old blazer was one of the last things I'd thrifted lately. I couldn't just leave it on the Goodwill shelf. I knew it was mine! It's really nice too, made of wool and keeps me warm this winter. :3

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Photos by Koren Stevens

Hope you guys had a good Thanksgiving, school keeps me pretty busy but here's a fun post. Me and my group were shooting some video for our publication for class and after experimenting with video and we took some pictures for fun. We're loving the results!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Casual Out

Wearing: All Vintage (Chicago Tee [Topshop], Acid Wash jeans [H&M], and Boots [Report])

It's truly been awhile. But I promise I'll have something fun to share soon from the classes that have been keeping me buzy. Here's some GIF practice I've got for you, and a quick outfit I wore to help style some photoshoots for our Fashion Publication in class. I'll have some updates up as soon as we're done at the end of the month for the blog here!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Presentation: Street Style

Wearing: Bar III Coat, Blazer under coat (Ali and Kris), Blouse (English rose), Maroon pants (Cynthia Rowley), Circle Scarf (H&M old), Flats (Restricted old), thrifted purse.

A quick snap after presentations for some publication pitches for school work. Working harder than ever to get ideas out there clearly communicated is a lot harder than you'd think! So today I was a bit different to school and I wore something business casual. Maroon is a classic color for fall. It's easy to fall into classic black or blue bottoms but maroon is dark enough to seem effortlessly added to an creative outfit twist. 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

From Head to Toe in Tartan

Not subtle. This look is very loud and very polished at the same time. I've always had these two separates lying around in my closet and never thought to pair them together before. It's really thanks to the inspiration I get from Tumblr and other fellow fashion bloggers like Cannibaliize that to take my outfits to the max. Probably the best trends I find are from Fashion bloggers, whom dress as they want in many various ways. I'm glad there's a network of us who influence each other to dress as we please, it makes my outfits all the more creative. :D

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Urban outfitter's Sale Mini Haul

Finally! Bought some of UO's sale online with their extra 50% sale. I ordered on a Saturday October 13th and it arrived just this Thursday October 24th. Was hoping it'd come in a week but of course I forgot they need time to "pack and send off" the package and I payed through paypal so of course it takes time to confirm payment. The packaged didn't come over for almost 2 weeks I almost gave up hope! Oh well at least it was free shipping. So I received 3 items in all, 2 shoes and 1 sunglasses from the sale!

The Sunglasses came in plastic with a muslin cotton printed string-tie bag. Nifty and cute.

(With and Without lace socks!)

So all in all I bought 2 pairs of boots and some sunglasses however, I had to return the Creme boots. They ran a little tight up in the toe box and there was a crease at the top of the foot that was very noticeable when I walked. Super disappointing too because they only had 1 of my sizes available left online. But that's okay I preferred the tougher look with the heel cut out boots by Deena and Ozzy. I'll have the pics of my sunglasses on my next outfit post, very basic stuff but was a great deal at $5.00. See ya tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Back to summer

Lace Jacket (Delia's)
Denim sleeveless blouse (Dockers Vintage)
Denim Dress worn as Skirt
Black Thigh highs (Urban Outfitters)
Watch (Nine West)
Dr Martens Shoes and everything else (Vintage)

Summertime sadness. Here's a few shots of warmer days with dear colleges Kendra and Koren of KKNS, we had such a fun time shooting, it was hard to choose some shots for the blog! It was a pleasure working with them they're so sweet. Hope you enjoyed some of our photos.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Chicago Haul

Chicago Skyline

Chicago Buys: White Sweater (SALE for $10 from Akira Chicago), Earrings + Wing earring (H&M), Bone Bracelet and Socks ($15 Bracelet and Buy 3 for $15 Socks Topshop)

Burberry Store.

More buys: Black detailed sweater (Buy one get one free! H&M) and White Skater skirt (Akira Chicago)

Just putting up snippets of Chicago. Me and my sister were down for a day shopping in the Magnificent Mile. Fantastic place. I know Chicago Fashion week is going on at the moment however we could not stay for the duration of it. I'm so jealous if you can go all this week! But anyway I hope you enjoyed the haul and pictures :D

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Philip Lim for Target

Wearing: Philip Lim for Target Blouse $29.99, Necklace and Black Jegging (H&M), Vintage Doctor Martens Shoes.

I changed my hair! It's now a lovely shade of fire. I tried to dilute the color this time though, so the back is a faded blonde/orange. Being blonde asian for 2 years+ can be boring. So I'm trying something new. But about the outfit, this is the only thing I grabbed from Philip Lim's collection for Target last month, I featured it on my Instagram earlier but never on The Dippster! I loved the asian print dress as well but it was gone before I could grab it D: but that's alright, this blouse is so LARGE it functions as a shirt/dress as well. I even had to size down from Medium to Small just because it was so large. Lots of Target Designer's collaborations have their blouses huge for their size I noticed from Prabal Gurung too. Gotta keep notes on that. 
I didn't quite love Prabal or Philips items that much this time around, I really didn't like too many of their designs. If anything I loved Jason Wu's items much more. I got lots of clothes from that collaboration.

Anyway, I was in Chicago to do some shopping and I hauled in big. Not to mention I bought lots of sales items online from Sheinside and Urban Outfitters. My wallet burns. But I love everything so far! I'll put up my finds as soon as everything comes in. :D

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Dippster x Lavish Alice Wishlist

Tartans: Red Tartan Pinafore Dress, Burgundy Tartan Crop Top and Tartan x Houndstooth Sweater

Black Boots: Black Suede Chunky Ankle Boots and Black + Gold Strap Ankle Boots

It's a large list I know. It was so HARD to pick out a few items for  my wishlist, I wanted everything. I'm a huge fan of Black+White at the moment, so the bulk of my wants are staple pieces that can be worn in all the seasons. I also threw in some Tartans for good measure however, because I realize the only Tartan item I have are a pair of skinny jeans from Forever 21 I got a few years ago! I'll need to fix that.

But here's news for my fellow Bloggers, Lavish Alice is hosting a competition for us! Rules are very simple, all you have to do is request entry at email: Then post your own Wishlist on your blog, and the Lavish Alice team will pick 5 Bloggers at random to receive an item to style on their blogs! Plus, Lavish Alice team will pick one final Blogger to win a £50 voucher. So you've got nothing to lose.