Saturday, December 21, 2013

Just a little bit on me

Wearing: Hat (Free People), Necklace (Lyndell NYC), Sweater and Skirt (Vintage), Suspender's Tights (House of Holland at Topshop), Booties (Report Aydin Booties), Rings (Romwe), Samsung S3 Bunny Case (from China)

Last minute Christmas shopping. And I swear, it's not because I'm last's because I couldn't go out to buy all my gifts till today. Going pay check to pay check for gas in my car is no fun. And today is the payday, soooo it's time to buy all the presents! :D 

If you're reading my blog, you've probably noticed I don't wear make-up very often. It's because I prefer keeping my face clean of dirt and oil. I reallyy hate when my acne flares up so I'd much rather wear nothing on me than risk more acne on my face. :P Even foundation messes with my skin! I've had quite the journey to acquire clearer skin from my teenhood years. Like many others, I used Acutane as I got it from my dermatologist. I tried many other topical solutions and pill solutions beforehand, and this was what worked for me. But it's not a miracle cure for all acne. You still have to maintain with topical solutions when you do flare up from the environment and etc. With stress from school and all nighters, you can imagine the toll it takes on my skin....I've also got dry patches every now and then as a result of the Acutane. But I use CeraVe lotions (google it's like $12) on all over to make sure everything is moisturized.  

Most people get really reprimanded for not wearing makeup especially in a incredibly visual world, but I've found just being in my skin with minimal make-up really is just fine. I can be confident with a little bit on me!


  1. Love your suspender tights! I used to have the same exact pair but I def wore them to much and they began to tear T.T

    Victoria | milkblacktea

    1. Waaa oh no! I try not to wear it so often because I'm so paranoid they'll tear. D:

  2. Sleek look.

  3. Awesome outfit nice hat :D

    Awesome Xmas and cool pics
    Loved <3 :D You're very good

  4. i love your glittery sweater <33 and i've also got so much trouble with my skin... i hate it but still wearing make up, not much though!

    hope you had a wonderful christmas!

    Picture Me

  5. so cute! Would you like to follow each other on gfc?