Monday, April 29, 2013

Street Patch Kid

Sunglasses (A.J. Morgan but Asos has simular.)
Jean Jacket (Bar III on sale at Macy's)
Necklace under the collar (H&M)
Blouse (Forever 21)
High-Waisted Pants (Vintage Levi 550)
Mint Shoes (Thrifted H&M)

Went with this boy-ish look on Friday to go do some volunteering work. Mum got me a present again, got me this Bar III jacket on sale from Macy's! Been meaning to try out the jean-patch trend and I think this jacket serves the cake perfectly. Threw in some splashes of mint for an extra kick for the outfit too. Definitely going to feature the jacket again soon, I think I'm obsessed with it.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Week in Review

Went to survey a location for a temporary installation I'm making this week. Super sketchy.


Recent Purchases: [Lana Del Rey "Paradise", Steve Madden Olympiaa, Aldo Earrings wore in previous post]

Ran around last week to make sure the bridge was still where it was for a temporary installation for class. Took a few pictures too for records. Hope you like them :D Yesterday night's dinner was delicious! Me and mum made some Cabbage wraps with Vietnamese noodles, I soaked mine in some diluted soy sauce and ate them up, yum yum. Also bought some necessary things this week with these Sneaker Wedges I've been on the fence with for a year. Lots of retailers are pushing them out now thanks to their popularity and street capabilities, it's definitely one of the "it" shoes right now. Can't wait to feature them here as well!

Monday, April 15, 2013


Necklace, Sunglasses, Mint Jeans (H&M)
Vintage Floral Scrunchie
Triangle Earrings (Similar Pack of 3 at Aldo Shoes)
Striped Top (Forever 21)
Vintage Purse and Dr. Marten Shoes 8496 

Wore this to work yesterday. This is pretty much how I dress ALL the time for work. It's really easy for me to throw on a nice blouse and necklace for a statement to take an outfit from casual to dressy especially when you have 15 minutes to throw something nice together. (Thanks to my late night obsessive-tumblr-syndrome acting up which by the way is right here
By the way, if you're working on your feet, lemme say to ya, these Dr. Martens are the best things I've ever thrifted I swear, they add a bit of 90's grunge to my work outfits and blessed be, are the best things to work in at a standing job like mine. #GodBlessDrMartens please. They looked like they'd never been worn either which is such a waste for their quality is beautiful. 100% recommend Dr. Martens for a standing job for sure.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Heated to the Beat

Jewelry (Target, Modcloth, Forever 21)
Mesh Tank (Infinity [Sold out] but simular neon here)
Shorts (H&M)
Booties (Target similar to Seychelles Shenanigans)

Hot for a sudden change. Spring is up-heaving itself upon the USA and unf I needed it so bad! I feel more like myself with fewer things to cover up, (teehee) and now my lack luster skin can soak up some rays with this neon edition I got on sale from Urban Outfitters last fall. There was no way to wear it during that time without layering up, but thank mother-nature, now it can be worn plainly in all its mesh glory. :D

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Gunslinger Girl

Sunglasses ( Forever 21 but similar at Free People
Arrow Head Necklace (Macy's but similar at Forever 21
Holey Cardigan (Forever 21 Sold Out) 
Turtle-neck Top (Thrifted Vintage) 
High-Waisted Shorts (Calvin Klien thrifted cut off DIY )
Machine Gun Tights / Gold Anklets (Ebay tights are on Romwe)
Dr. Martens 8496 (Thrifted Vintage)

OBSESSED with these Machine Gun Tights. I was waiting so long for the end of the winter-like weather in March to wear these out! I swear, these tights will become a regular show stopper in my wardrobe from now on. I highly recommend the tights for a sure as hell awesome statement. This IMO is quite a risky put together, but I love mixing up multiple statement items (holey sweater, turtle-neck, machine guns and gold anklets oh my!), but it's important to balance all the "busyness" through color balance. Regardless of how many trends displayed, keeping colors sporadically balanced up and down the outfit keeps anyone's eyes from twisting around. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


(Si Oux on the right)
(From Vogue Girl Japan)

(All Images from Si Oux's Blog here)

Ever since launching her brand of scandalous tights with the images of abstracted Vagina in 2011, Japanese fashion icon Si Oux has since then been launched into the Japanese fashion stardom scene with multitudes of fashion icons like Ikeda Hirari and Juria wearing her famous tights. The image is iconic, memorable, and fundamentally sought after by all who admire Japanese Harajuku fashion and Street Fashion. Just look at it, symmetrical, with a central focal point in the center, you can't help but look and wonder what it is. I feel so Curious, as the taboo of having such an image openly displayed is so attractive to me. Dangerous and Playful, the idea also appeals to so many of us in this era of "anti fashion is fashion", and I'm sure it's fascination and admiration will continue to grow as Si Oux continues to grow her brand.

(You can buy here tights on her Japanese site here)