Saturday, January 11, 2014

Black Powder

Wearing: Velvet Cardigan and Jeans (Vintage), Knit Sweater (Bar III), Jewelry (Assorted from Forever 21 and H&M), Hat (H&M), Boots (Doctor Martens 1460).

Casual outfit for sitting in from this week. As you all know here in the states, the snowapocalypse is ending with downpours of rain that came falling through the sky. Thank goodness! My last week of vacation was trapped inside with nothing better to do than drink coffee and spurts of experimental cooking. Which not all things ended up perfectly...not quite sure if this was the best vacation but classes start up again and I'll be back working hard on designing again.

Monday, January 6, 2014


Back again! Here's old posts from before the snow-in. These were taken for Immerge Magazine, for my student project. Never used the photos but it was fun to play around! Hope everyone's staying warm!