Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Crispe Sensation

Thrifted Sunglasses
Mom's jacket
Blazer (Ali & Kris)
Sweater (old H&M)
Harem Pants (old Forever 21 get simular here)
Wedges (Target get it simular here)

Definitely feeling monochrome again. Also wearing lots of old bought things but they've become a staple in my work outfits. Like these Harem Pants? I've had them for 4 years. Every since high school. They still work  their way into my wardrobe somehow.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Thrift Hauls

(Goodwill Finds $4.69 each.)

(Value World. Men's Perforated golfer shirt and 90's velvet tank.Half off Prices! $1.50 and 45 Cents).

(Ebay Anklet Cuffs, Emerald costume earrings, Silver scales belt, cowboy belt, 70's inspired glasses)

Ever since I raided my mother's closet over a year ago in high school, I've been obsessed with the vintage cuts, styles, and of course the velvets. Since then, I've expanded my closet even further with additions from local thrift shops with vintage clothes, accessories, purses, costume jewelry, sunglasses, and shoes. This collection of stuff was the biggest incentive to start my own blog, as I've taken a preference to buying cheap for the sake of a college budget haha! But of course sometimes I buy a bit too much (too much instant-buying), so, I've recently started up my own Etsy store to alleviate the damages ;D 

It's called Ur-bann-ed Vintage, and features some of my hand-picked vintage items that I've found. Check it out for a mix of grungy and angelic vintage. :D

But anyhow I hope ya'll enjoyed the haul, but just curious, where do you get your thrifted finds? Lemme know in comments! Good night for now though, See ya'll tomorrow for an outfit post. <3

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Melting Fawn

Men's Cap (Target)
Jewelry (Macy's Brand)
Mom's White Jacket from 1990s 
Jame's Dean Shirt (Forever 21)
Levi's 550 Jeans
Creepers (H&M)

Taken really quick yesterday before some deadlines for my book that was due today (instagram), uwah it's all done now and I'm not very happy with the final result but I'm satisfied that it's finished. For the majority of this hectic week, I literally lived in these creepers. They're easy to slip on and add a bit of grunge to my casual outfits. I only wish it was made of leather instead of suede, it'd be a very nice pair of shoes if it was. For now I'm using them as a cheap alternative to T.U.K creepers and such, and they'll hopefully last me a good while regardless of how cheap ($20) they were at sale price.

P.S. Not sorry for double post with Levi 550s :D

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

You wanna be in the Sun

Blazer Jacket (Bar III)
Hat and Earrings (Vintage Forever 21)
Micky Mouse Shirt (Vintage H&M)
Vintage Velvet Sweater
Levi 550 Jeans
Booties (London Rebel)

Got a peak of that sunlight on this bitter cold day to snap a few pics of the outfit. I realize no one's seen my Bar III coat that I got for Christmas from Mum. Perfect go-to staple to dress up some of my casuals. Funny how I wore it out on lovely spring (Canadian cold) day here in the states. Spring Break is over for me and was highly uneventful except for meetings with old friends. These meetings made me realize regardless of how little I believe I have achieved through the year, I should feel proud of myself. I've got my footing on this mountain side called "Design School" and I'm climbing my way up. Something I couldn't fathom in my high school years. Hooray for following your dreams!

Good night and Good rest everyone~

Friday, March 15, 2013

Gothic Pastel Blue Babe

Scarf and Necklace (H&M)
Scrunchy (Vintage Forever 21)
Jacket (Vintage Forever 21)
Black Dress and Corset (Forever 21)
Silver Watch (Nine West)
Everything else is Thrifted Vintage

Spring is around the corner and I feel like I can literally reach my hands out and grab it! I'm dying to show some skin after staying inside for all these wintry days. Looking at all the California and Aussie bloggers summery outfits all the time doesn't help either. Bring on some sun! Winter days need to be done. Getting a bit fuzzy with my Spring inspired Winter dissembled looks. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

you're giving me such sweet nothing


H&M Dress Pants
Vintage Nine West Flats

Everything else is Thrifted Vintage

Just a simple work outfit I wore recently. Been feeling that the rich embroidery details of some of my vintage items are so appropriate for right now. Especially the mix and matching of embroidery and patterns. Feels so chic.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013



Silver-plate Necklace [worn under the turtle-neck] (H&M)
Men's Trucker Hat (Buy it at
Vintage Skinny Jeans
Grey over-the-knee socks (MeMoi)
Black Rain Boots (Vintage Calvin Klien)

Everything else is (Super-soaked) Thrifted Vintage

So today is the SNOWQUESTER 2013 that everyone's been freaking out about! Nothing but rain so far here, and we're not seeing any snow up here yet. I suppose the big tragedy however is the Sequester budget cuts that media says will affect everyone, but my main concern today am I going to prepare an outfit for rain.... and snow? I chose to style myself today just for the occasion with these bbie Calvin Kliens that my mum bought for me a couple years ago and this menswear cap from Target to protect my head.

Happy SNOWQUESTER everyone!!!

Monday, March 4, 2013



Jennifer Aviator Sunglasses (Delia's)
Jason Wu for Target Skirt
Crop top and Jacket (Forever 21)
Everything else (Vintage)

Short post. Wearing out. Going out. Also channeling Tom Cruise today.

Unf. He looks great in Aviators. 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Showing your Gamer Spirit

Shoe Thrifts (Left to right) Lei Vintage 90's boots, Minnetoka Moccasins, Dr. Martens Vintage 8496.


Kingdom Hearts Shirt (Hot Topic)
BB Dakota Pleather Light Jacket (Vintage)
Vintage Chinese-style velvet sweater (Vintage)
Lei Platform Boots (Vintage)

It's been awhile since I broke out this shirt for a good wear. Back when I first saw it, I felt it seemed so grungy, and very much my style. I had to' instant-buy-it' for myself. 
Now, very seldom do I buy graphic tees because I am very picky about the design on them. You might be the biggest fan of a franchise and want to buy everything with it's label, but it doesn't mean all of it's merchandise is good design. Only buy good design. And always buy merchandise you'll love for years to come.

Words of wisdom.