Wednesday, June 18, 2014

White Lace up Sandals

Nasty Gal (Delirious), I Desire The Things That Will Destroy Me (Gotham), Alexander Wang (Marlene)

Why can't I find proper lace-up sandals? I'm currently lusting for the type that wrap around your ankles like dainty ballerina shoes. Nobody is making them. Except these brands. I love the dainty look of the straps wrapping around your ankles, not like gladiator sandals with thick straps. These are like a hint of Mediterranean Roman, but in a more subtle femme way. I know the word for them, Greek sandals! Greek is the way to go.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

White Gingham

Wearing: Matching set (H&M), Blazer (Vintage), Bag (Aldo -old-), Sandals (Asos), Sunglasses (-old-), Necklace (Target here's simular), Watch (Nine West -old-)

White after Labor Day. And for work too! I wore this seemingly impossible ensemble to work yesterday, It seems so sexy in these pictures but subdued in a blazer. (Plus I pulled up the skirt so no mid-drift peek-a-boo) I'm always one to break rules. Hehe.

Tomorrow is the Smiley Birthday Bash! My friends and I will be there because we got free tickets. Should be a good time to take pictures and have some fun. :3

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Newly Purchased

Work Lunch at The Legend Cafe in Irvington.

Tops from Loeil

Vintage 80's Coach Purse (Thrifted)

Wearing: Top (H&M), Slim-fit trousers (Cynthia Rowley -old-), Sandals (Nine West -old-)

Simply enjoying the abundant cash that comes with working full time. Don't mind me. I'm thoroughly enjoying what my mum calls "hospital shoes" this spring, I've been hunting for something like these for over a year ever since I saw similar on Kastor & Pollux. Dani and Bianca are gorgeous. They're an endless amount of inspiration for anyone who needs an idea for an outfit. I envy anyone who can have a double blogger fiasco. It's hard enough to plan photos for one person, but with a duo? How. Do. They. DO it? It'd be a nice question to ask these duos.
If you ever want to check out a few more great blogger pairs, I also highly recommend Ready Two Wear and We Heart Fashion. They're twice the amount of inspiration!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Dark Daisy

Wearing: Daisy Dress (H&M), Sheer Tunic (Urban Outfitters -old- here's similar ), 
Sandals (Steve Madden -old- more similar), Eye Shadow (Naked Palette).

Lazy Sunday. I've been trying to keep my wardrobe more professional at the agency, however it's increasingly getting harder to pair things with my casual items as I have become an art-school-student-turned-being-full-time-agency-intern. It's definitely hard work to pick clothes for! However, the blessing of my workplace is that I can wear whatever I want, but I still want to keep it work appropriate regardless, how much should I push the boundaries of dress? I'm the only woman in the creative department as the intern atm, so no examples have been set in the workplace except our accountant who has lots of quirky ways to wear patterned socks with his dress shoes. Everyday I see him, he has different socks, strategically paired with his effortless outfits. Menswear is a great inspiration in professional wear, seeing his new socks inspires me to get better socks! I'm a slacker when it comes to socks+shoes. Terrible really. Need to improve my sock collection!