Thursday, June 12, 2014

White Gingham

Wearing: Matching set (H&M), Blazer (Vintage), Bag (Aldo -old-), Sandals (Asos), Sunglasses (-old-), Necklace (Target here's simular), Watch (Nine West -old-)

White after Labor Day. And for work too! I wore this seemingly impossible ensemble to work yesterday, It seems so sexy in these pictures but subdued in a blazer. (Plus I pulled up the skirt so no mid-drift peek-a-boo) I'm always one to break rules. Hehe.

Tomorrow is the Smiley Birthday Bash! My friends and I will be there because we got free tickets. Should be a good time to take pictures and have some fun. :3


  1. Love this outfit :D :D

  2. Your outfit is so awesome. I am just drawn to matching separates and a good chunky white heel and you just took it up a notch with those sunnise and the kimono! Absolutely love this.