Sunday, June 1, 2014

Dark Daisy

Wearing: Daisy Dress (H&M), Sheer Tunic (Urban Outfitters -old- here's similar ), 
Sandals (Steve Madden -old- more similar), Eye Shadow (Naked Palette).

Lazy Sunday. I've been trying to keep my wardrobe more professional at the agency, however it's increasingly getting harder to pair things with my casual items as I have become an art-school-student-turned-being-full-time-agency-intern. It's definitely hard work to pick clothes for! However, the blessing of my workplace is that I can wear whatever I want, but I still want to keep it work appropriate regardless, how much should I push the boundaries of dress? I'm the only woman in the creative department as the intern atm, so no examples have been set in the workplace except our accountant who has lots of quirky ways to wear patterned socks with his dress shoes. Everyday I see him, he has different socks, strategically paired with his effortless outfits. Menswear is a great inspiration in professional wear, seeing his new socks inspires me to get better socks! I'm a slacker when it comes to socks+shoes. Terrible really. Need to improve my sock collection!


  1. Your outfit is pretty. I love the sheer tunic. I think the accountant's way of expressing his style is through his socks. I am a slacker when it comes to socks too. I don't wear them often unless it is really cold. They are truly one of my least favorite accessories. I think it is cool that you can be so creative with your dress in your workplace. I enjoy your writing style. If you ever want to stop by my blog and maybe follow each other on Bloglovin and Google Plus let me know.


  2. Love the neon bag with this black outfit! xxx

  3. Awesome outfit and cool pics
    Following on GFC :)