Friday, August 1, 2014

Forbidden Nights


Wearing: Hat + Earrings (Forever 21), Top (Staring at Stars), Trousers (Cynthia Rowley -old-), Shoes (Restricted), Purse (Coach -vintage-)

I've been out doing things I shouldn't be doing lately so I've been dressed to kill. This magic. The most basic thing you'd ever seen on a rack but it's now my favorite thing in my closet. I actually bought this once, returned it, and went back to buy it again. I fretted a bit bout the price because...well it's a drape t-shirt that i could make if I had time...but I don't have the time! So now it stays in my closet. It's got a witch-like quality that in a way, suits me. Why did I ever return it in the first place??