Friday, August 1, 2014

Forbidden Nights


Wearing: Hat + Earrings (Forever 21), Top (Staring at Stars), Trousers (Cynthia Rowley -old-), Shoes (Restricted), Purse (Coach -vintage-)

I've been out doing things I shouldn't be doing lately so I've been dressed to kill. This magic. The most basic thing you'd ever seen on a rack but it's now my favorite thing in my closet. I actually bought this once, returned it, and went back to buy it again. I fretted a bit bout the price because...well it's a drape t-shirt that i could make if I had time...but I don't have the time! So now it stays in my closet. It's got a witch-like quality that in a way, suits me. Why did I ever return it in the first place?? 


  1. I absolutely love this whole outfit. From the hat to the shirt all the way down to the shoes,
    I can see why you like the shirt so much. I love your hair color a lot, did you dye it yourself, or did you have it dyed?:)

    ♥ Charms | My ∞ Fashion Confession

    1. Thank you! Yes, I dyed it myself with a tub of bleach and developer at takes quite a long time because of my black hair. :3

    2. I'd like to go blonde but I'm afraid that it's too high-maintenance for me. xD You look gorgeous though.

  2. love the dark vibes of this outfit, and amazing pants (lovely color).

  3. love the color of those pants with the shoes. and yeah that top is indeed magic, looks awesome!