Friday, September 5, 2014

Lately in Future-Past

Wearing: Jacket (Vintage Levis), Snapback + Slip Dress + Sandals (Asos)

My BF's somber apartment view.

Bubble Tea at Saigon.

Oh Asos. Take my wallet. I had been looking for another basic midi slip-dress with a twist, and found this one in their summer sale. I love how it feels; airy and comfortable against me. Perfect for this heat.

So after debating with myself all summer, I decided to not keep my internship through the school year. My co-workers gave me some flowers as a parting gift which was very endearing to me. But I'm back in the frying pan, it's senior year! So that means capstone projects and personal projects galore. Visual Communication Design can be demanding sometimes so time will be of the essence for many projects. I'm glad to have had the experiences that I did at my internship over the summer, but now I will focus my efforts on my own work and what it means to me. I have a feeling this blog will immensely grow to be apart of what "work" means to me, so please look forward to my journey in this crazy visual world.

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