Friday, September 19, 2014


Wearing: Jacket (similar), Dress (Vintage), Hat (similar), Report Aydin Boots

Effortless is ideal. That's what I try to tell myself everyday as the goal to keeping my wardrobe as clean and crisp as possible. I've been around as a retail worker here and back so I know how trends are sold and thrust at consumers, so lately I've been inching for more classic staples and vintage objects. For example, I've been waiting for fall weather to strike to break out this velvet dress. It's an 80's vintage piece made to be sultry and sexy, I'm loving the v-cut neck and back-line on this it screams vixen! You don't find things that feel as good and look as simple as this dress anymore! But I'm shameful to admit, I'm still a sucker for good prices from Forever 21 and H&M. It's a bit hard to resist the pull. I always find something I'd like to add to my wardrobe from these mall favorites. How do I resist the pull? By reading. Lots of reading. Particularly reading these texts in the picture above. They keep you busy and give you great inspiration to...not to live as fast as fast-fashion.


  1. WOW! the dress is so cool! And the hat too! it's so sad that there is not a store where to buy them :(

    1. Thanks! Sorry bout that, vintage dresses are one of a kind! I've always loved shopping at my local vintage stores for great finds, but Etsy has a lot of vintage velvet dresses too! Maybe you could try there? :D

      Good luck!

  2. Love your take on the all-black look. :))