Thursday, November 15, 2012

Chip of the New Block

Coat, Skirt, Boots(Vintage), Headband (DIY), Yellow Jumper (Forever 21 sale), Black Sweater, Necklace  and Purse-[with DIY scarf decoration] (Target)

Off to class today. It was chilly so I decided to pack on the layers too. It feels nice to know when your outfit cost you less than $10 a piece for each thing. I'm glad I look stylish without my wallet crying in pain.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cupcake Pink

Earrings, Pink Blouse, Belt,  Lace Socks, [Arizona] Boots (Vintage), Sweater and Skirt (Forever 21)

I used to hate pink. I mean, literally used to feel like vomiting seeing the color on girls in high school in Victoria Secret sweats and slobbered on pink lip gloss. It was a epitome of high school snobbery and I wanted no part in it. Black was my preferred color. 

But now no more! Those days are gone and I've even dared to go head to toe in pink some days. Perhaps it's because of my new-found femininity or fascination with the color's connotation.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pastel Kei Miku

I hope everyone had a nice Halloween! I was Pastel Kei Miku yesterday for school. I just love pastels <3. I got the jacket, blouse, and shoes thrifting, the accessories are all my old stuff, and the Miku wig and Headset prop was from a dear ex-cosplayer.  No pigtails though because it was a very, very windy day and I didn't want to carry them around. (Haha!)The only item on me recently bought was my pants from H&M. 

Really buzy lately with projects and stuff but I'll try to squeeze in some time for more posts during the next week with the small downtime I have. Have a good night everyone!