Wednesday, March 20, 2013

You wanna be in the Sun

Blazer Jacket (Bar III)
Hat and Earrings (Vintage Forever 21)
Micky Mouse Shirt (Vintage H&M)
Vintage Velvet Sweater
Levi 550 Jeans
Booties (London Rebel)

Got a peak of that sunlight on this bitter cold day to snap a few pics of the outfit. I realize no one's seen my Bar III coat that I got for Christmas from Mum. Perfect go-to staple to dress up some of my casuals. Funny how I wore it out on lovely spring (Canadian cold) day here in the states. Spring Break is over for me and was highly uneventful except for meetings with old friends. These meetings made me realize regardless of how little I believe I have achieved through the year, I should feel proud of myself. I've got my footing on this mountain side called "Design School" and I'm climbing my way up. Something I couldn't fathom in my high school years. Hooray for following your dreams!

Good night and Good rest everyone~

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