Friday, March 29, 2013

Thrift Hauls

(Goodwill Finds $4.69 each.)

(Value World. Men's Perforated golfer shirt and 90's velvet tank.Half off Prices! $1.50 and 45 Cents).

(Ebay Anklet Cuffs, Emerald costume earrings, Silver scales belt, cowboy belt, 70's inspired glasses)

Ever since I raided my mother's closet over a year ago in high school, I've been obsessed with the vintage cuts, styles, and of course the velvets. Since then, I've expanded my closet even further with additions from local thrift shops with vintage clothes, accessories, purses, costume jewelry, sunglasses, and shoes. This collection of stuff was the biggest incentive to start my own blog, as I've taken a preference to buying cheap for the sake of a college budget haha! But of course sometimes I buy a bit too much (too much instant-buying), so, I've recently started up my own Etsy store to alleviate the damages ;D 

It's called Ur-bann-ed Vintage, and features some of my hand-picked vintage items that I've found. Check it out for a mix of grungy and angelic vintage. :D

But anyhow I hope ya'll enjoyed the haul, but just curious, where do you get your thrifted finds? Lemme know in comments! Good night for now though, See ya'll tomorrow for an outfit post. <3

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