Tuesday, March 5, 2013



Silver-plate Necklace [worn under the turtle-neck] (H&M)
Men's Trucker Hat (Buy it at Target.com)
Vintage Skinny Jeans
Grey over-the-knee socks (MeMoi)
Black Rain Boots (Vintage Calvin Klien)

Everything else is (Super-soaked) Thrifted Vintage

So today is the SNOWQUESTER 2013 that everyone's been freaking out about! Nothing but rain so far here, and we're not seeing any snow up here yet. I suppose the big tragedy however is the Sequester budget cuts that media says will affect everyone, but my main concern today was....how am I going to prepare an outfit for rain.... and snow? I chose to style myself today just for the occasion with these bbie Calvin Kliens that my mum bought for me a couple years ago and this menswear cap from Target to protect my head.

Happy SNOWQUESTER everyone!!!

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