Friday, March 1, 2013

Showing your Gamer Spirit

Shoe Thrifts (Left to right) Lei Vintage 90's boots, Minnetoka Moccasins, Dr. Martens Vintage 8496.


Kingdom Hearts Shirt (Hot Topic)
BB Dakota Pleather Light Jacket (Vintage)
Vintage Chinese-style velvet sweater (Vintage)
Lei Platform Boots (Vintage)

It's been awhile since I broke out this shirt for a good wear. Back when I first saw it, I felt it seemed so grungy, and very much my style. I had to' instant-buy-it' for myself. 
Now, very seldom do I buy graphic tees because I am very picky about the design on them. You might be the biggest fan of a franchise and want to buy everything with it's label, but it doesn't mean all of it's merchandise is good design. Only buy good design. And always buy merchandise you'll love for years to come.

Words of wisdom.

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