Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Week in Review

Went to survey a location for a temporary installation I'm making this week. Super sketchy.


Recent Purchases: [Lana Del Rey "Paradise", Steve Madden Olympiaa, Aldo Earrings wore in previous post]

Ran around last week to make sure the bridge was still where it was for a temporary installation for class. Took a few pictures too for records. Hope you like them :D Yesterday night's dinner was delicious! Me and mum made some Cabbage wraps with Vietnamese noodles, I soaked mine in some diluted soy sauce and ate them up, yum yum. Also bought some necessary things this week with these Sneaker Wedges I've been on the fence with for a year. Lots of retailers are pushing them out now thanks to their popularity and street capabilities, it's definitely one of the "it" shoes right now. Can't wait to feature them here as well!

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