Thursday, April 4, 2013

Gunslinger Girl

Sunglasses ( Forever 21 but similar at Free People
Arrow Head Necklace (Macy's but similar at Forever 21
Holey Cardigan (Forever 21 Sold Out) 
Turtle-neck Top (Thrifted Vintage) 
High-Waisted Shorts (Calvin Klien thrifted cut off DIY )
Machine Gun Tights / Gold Anklets (Ebay tights are on Romwe)
Dr. Martens 8496 (Thrifted Vintage)

OBSESSED with these Machine Gun Tights. I was waiting so long for the end of the winter-like weather in March to wear these out! I swear, these tights will become a regular show stopper in my wardrobe from now on. I highly recommend the tights for a sure as hell awesome statement. This IMO is quite a risky put together, but I love mixing up multiple statement items (holey sweater, turtle-neck, machine guns and gold anklets oh my!), but it's important to balance all the "busyness" through color balance. Regardless of how many trends displayed, keeping colors sporadically balanced up and down the outfit keeps anyone's eyes from twisting around. 

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