Tuesday, April 2, 2013


(Si Oux on the right)
(From Vogue Girl Japan)

(All Images from Si Oux's Blog here)

Ever since launching her brand of scandalous tights with the images of abstracted Vagina in 2011, Japanese fashion icon Si Oux has since then been launched into the Japanese fashion stardom scene with multitudes of fashion icons like Ikeda Hirari and Juria wearing her famous tights. The image is iconic, memorable, and fundamentally sought after by all who admire Japanese Harajuku fashion and Street Fashion. Just look at it, symmetrical, with a central focal point in the center, you can't help but look and wonder what it is. I feel so Curious, as the taboo of having such an image openly displayed is so attractive to me. Dangerous and Playful, the idea also appeals to so many of us in this era of "anti fashion is fashion", and I'm sure it's fascination and admiration will continue to grow as Si Oux continues to grow her brand.

(You can buy here tights on her Japanese site here)

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