Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New to the Wardrobe and New to Packaging

Photos: 1. English Rose Blouses ($19.99 each) 2. Marilyn Monroe Underwear set ($12.00) 3 & 4. BCBG Black Tote Bag (retailed for round $450 bought for $69.00!) 5. Kitty Topshop packaging 6. & 7. Topshop Cardstock

I used to hate girly frilly things. Hated it. I was a tomboy through and through when I was younger and loved my jeans and t-shirts. I still do, but now I have an appreciation for lace. Romantic and detailed, edgy and rough. I've learned there's all sorts of lace out there to wonder at.
But enough about lace, my big weakness is for leather, and  I've been needing a good sized black leather tote for a while. Mum got me the bag when we were shopping at Marshalls, thank goodness I have a mother who loves shopping as much as me!

If any of you have a Topshop close by, on August 10th online (USA topshop) and in store they'll be giving a student discount for 20% off! You're very lucky if you have one nearby...but I'll just stalk the USA store online a bit more on that day haha! (my wallet is burning right about now)

PS. Isn't the Kitty bag adorable??? I'm going to keep it forever and maybe get another. My designer senses are loving the design. :D


  1. ooooooo <3 I think you could definitely pair the lace with leather to balance it out. great products!


  2. I wish I had a Topshop nearby! I would be there all the time. And I love their kitty bags!


  3. Nice shopping haul! Your blog is gorgeous! I am now following you :)
    Would aprecctiate if you could take a look into my blog and follow if you like :) x


  4. love the tops from marshalls!