Friday, August 2, 2013

Sailor Captain

Varsity Jacket (Forever 21 but simular here)
Denim Bustier (simular at and Urban Outfitters)
Thrifted high-waisted shorts and Jewelery
Restricted Shoes

Lately I've been thinking about nothing but the beach, the sun, and some big city adventure that might accompany it. So I'll be going to Chicago this weekend with the boyfriend and seek out a romantic adventure with him, hopefully full of authentic food & drink, sites, and sounds. So with that information, there's a high chance that there'll be a ton of photos on my instagram this weekend. Can't wait to get going! 

PS. Also I added a few new things to my Etsy at Urbanned Vintage as well so please check those out too! ;D


  1. Beautiful!
    i follow you now on GFC & Bloglovin :-) <3

  2. love this whole outfit! really like the look of the shorts with that bustier.