Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Late Florals for Fall

Vintage scarf as a headband, Chain Necklace (Target), Sweater (Forever 21), 'Ancient Vintage' Floral Dress (Forever 21), Vintage Hoodie,Tights (Betsy Johnson), Vintage Boots 

 So its finally getting cold outside and I rack out this floral dress finally after it sat in my closet for a year. I even forgot to wear it out in the spring and summer. Oops.

 On Saturday, I wore a different scarf in this same way and a girl wearing a came up to me and asked where I got it. I tried to explain to her where to get real scarfs and tie them properly into your hair, but I don't think without visuals it helped very much...

 I know Cosmopolitan and one of my favorite youtubers secretlifeofabionerd both tell you how to properly make the "turban headband" by yourself and do a decent job with directions. I've done mine a little differently and perhaps one day I'll post a DIY for it on this new blog!

 Hello to the blogosphere!

 from Likkie.

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