Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Florals for Fall once more

Wearing: White Lace Blazer and Dotted Blouse (thrifted vintage), Pleather pants (H&M), Pointed Heels (BCBG Max Azria), Earrings (Hot Topic [old]), Hat (F21 [old]). Clutch (Steve Madden)

Recent Thrifts: Gold twist bracelet ($1.59) and Coach Red Bangle ($1.89)

I'm so excited! I went to the Value World recently and got a fantastic 80's plaid dress for $6 (pictures coming soon!) and these bracelets for super cheap! I can't believe this bracelet is COACH too! How do I know? Well it's engraved in a gold plate inside the bracelet. Fantastic. And they didn't mark up the price! Such a steal. The other bracelet is a brand called MONET and I'm not too familiar with that brand, but the Value world had lots of it's vintage jewelry. Value world is also where I got this gorgeous blazer as well. Gosh I love that place.
So I'm feeling like vintage love at the moment, so I can't wait to debut some more of my finds on here, I hope you like them as much as I do! So I hope you don't mind so many vintage detail posts. In other news, I recently did a photo shoot with some of my colleges Kendra and Koren of KKNS Photography/Graphic Design. We filled up their memory card to the brim so now it's just a matter of picking a few photos to debut on The Dippster, so I hope you enjoy them when I get them up too.

See ya again soon! 


  1. love the bracelets, you're lucky!!! love the blog
    take a look at ours?
    greetings from Holland

    1. Love your blog!! I've already been following your blog for a while, I really like your content! I hope you like mine ;D

  2. That floral blazer is amazing! Really digging your blog - keep it up!

    New post: Early Fall : Mustard Leather + Cobalt Blue