Saturday, March 29, 2014

Raincoats for March

Wearing: Sweater and Shorts (H&M), Raincoat (BB Dakota), Shoes (Report) Everything else vintage

Still wearing vintage. As usual. 
I love dressing for the rain, I just pull out this wonderful thrift find and some shiny boots and be waterproofed wherever I go! I've been dying for a pair of "motorcycle rain boots" similar to Marc by Marc Jacobs. That price-tag though. That price-tag. hmf.

As of recently, I've been trying to figure out how to dye my hair to a lavender color and I have yet to be successful like others. Testing out the conditioner+manic panic color I put it on for 1 hour and hardly any of the color took to my hair... So I've been trying to re-bleach and tone my hair lighter instead. I'm a bit worried though, I might get interviews for internships and not get a job from being lavender! But in graphic design, if my employer can't appreciate the color, is that someone I really want to work for anyway? 


  1. You should definitely bleach it a little more, then tone it with Manic Panic in your conditioner. I used UltraViolet (deep purple), mixed in with a small amt of conditioner. Worked like a charm but my hands were always stained temporarily afterwards. I'm sure your hair won't stop you from getting a job! Times are changing, people's perspectives are too.

    Love your look. Thanks for the nice comments!

    1. Thank you Sunny, I did that and it works wonders! You're welcome for the comments, I love your blog <3

  2. that raincoat <3 love the material/look of it. such a rad rainy day outfit.

  3. Wonderful coat & scarf... such bold statement pieces! Well styled ;D

    <3 Carsla
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