Monday, March 10, 2014


Wearing: Crop Sweater (Urban Outfitters), Stocking Hat (Free People), Vintage everything else

It's been awhile. Life kinda gets in the way of blogging so I've been away busy with school. It's also disheartening to blog about myself when life hasn't been all that exciting. Sorry for being a drag! But I've returned thanks to some big encouragement from a stranger whom encouraged me to get back into the game. This crop sweater is on SALE at UO by the way! I got it for $9.99!!!! A huge steal! I love when sales pop up for winter items don't you?


  1. that cropped sweater looks so good on you and its such a bargin xx

    1. Thanks I think it's a great winter staple, winter sales are fantastic.

  2. Beautiful look! I especially love that patterned sweater--it's so cute! xx

    <(`) Hoda || JooJoo Azad ~ Free Bird