Friday, June 21, 2013

Lipstick collection

(Favorite picks: Revlon and Flirt!)

Been really into reds and pinks for the summer, but a nice dark raspberry is a good indulgence every once in a while. Drugstore brands aren't considered "the best" but Revlon has become my favorite to look for in lip color. Their colors look nice on my asian skin, not overwhelming. I've recently got in some No. 7 lipsticks in though, and I'm loving how smooth they glide on. Where is your favorite place to buy lipstick? Sephora? Mac? Lemme know!

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  1. Wow I thought I wa the only one who was a lipstick junkie. I love Revlon! The cremes are perfect for when you just need a swipe of color. My favorite is Berry Haute. I also usually but my lipstick from MAC. Do far I've only bought mattes but I do like them. They have a wonderful smell.