Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I got 99 problems

Men's Cap (Target)
Netted top worn backwards (Nastygal.com)
Men's Puma Tee (Puma)
Sneaker Wedges (Steve Madden)
Bag (Aldo)

Not really. I really don't have 99 problems. However, when you're extremely busy, traveling, eating Thai and Hmong food, socializing with family for 3 straight weeks, it feels like you're blown over when you're done. But it was fun to be with the family, totally worth the drive. Anyhow, for the outfit, I was channeling street/menswear to be comfortable for some spicy Thai with the girls in the family.
 I'd told myself I'd lay off the black and gold for the spring, but couldn't resist wearing out this T-shirt. I loved the design so much, I saw it once and knew it was mine. Sometimes you just know, ya know?

Love at first sight? Haha!

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