Sunday, October 21, 2012

Saturated Sunset


Rings [Left to right]: Wooden ring (Vintage), Girly rings (Forever 21), Pearl ring and plain (Forever 21)

Oversize Blazer (Vintage), Mint Blouse (Forever 21), High Waisted Shorts (Vintage Calvin Klein), Lace Socks (Vintage), Mary Janes (Vintage Mudd), Sunglasses (Romwe but it's sold out), Wing earrings (Vintage Macy's), Steve Madden Fringe Purse

Well mint seems to be a color that's more for spring than fall however, I think its still workable with dark colors to make it appropriate. Plus, I absolutely love the color still! And I'm still rocking these Calvin Klein cut-offs that I wore all through the Spring/Summer. Lots of sentimentalism in this post today. 

I wonder what other trends people keep regardless of the seasons.   >:B

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Sweater and Hat (Vintage H&M),  Asymmetrical Skirt (Forever 21), Fur Scarf (Lulu), Sunglasses (Delia's) Shoes (Vintage Calvin Klein) 

Went to Chinatown in Chicago yesterday and picked up this lovely fan for $3.00.Chinatown was tons of fun and I even got to finally try some of that Bubble Tea I see so much on Tumblr! I wish I had more pictures.

But today I'm back home and I'm off shopping again and in fancy Russian style playing with my fan, even though it was already windy today so there was really no need for it.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Out + Family Pictures?

Sweater (Something from Marshalls), Scarf (Vintage H&M), Dress (Vintage Forever 21), Shoes (Vintage Dolce Vita), Vintage Sunglasses and Vintage Bag

So today was another day of design school and a little dabbling outdoors at toy stores with friends. Afterwards, my friend's BF made us some fresh salmon with pineapple glaze and Tobago sauce! Wish I took pictures but I was hungry and ate it all instead. It's so rare to find a man who can cook.
By the way, I have to apologize for the background as you can see, there's lots of family pictures unevenly sprawled about. My family honestly has no other creative way to display the tons of photos we have from our old house. 
Putting them in the bookshelf in our study seems to solve the problem. I guess?

Friday, October 5, 2012

Sheer Cover

Silver Button-up Blouse worn as Jacket (Mom's), Dress (Monteau)

Again. I wish I could start more than three posts with "Ugh its raining uhhh--" but it seems impossible to stop complaining about the weather. But I prepared to battle droplets of water with my mother's mystery material blouse! It's shiny and absolutely insulates body heat inside keeping out unwanted wetness. Thank you Mama~

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bitter Rain

Cardigan (Vintage), Circle Scarf (H&M 'bought 2 years ago'), 
James Dean T-Shirt (Forever 21), Skirt (Rachel Roy for Macy's 'Last season'), 
Vintage Belt, Vintage Giani Bernini clutch, Thigh high socks, Vintage Mudd Mary Janes.

Again, the rain decided to pour it's cold temperatures and wet my socks. Ugh. 

Anyhow back to the outfit, lots of skirts don't have pockets, but this skirt by Rachel Roy has convenient ones. It keeps my keys and phone safe and doesn't look bulky in the wrong places. Good design. might freak out readers for a bit but James Dean and I become one throughout this post as his face creeps up from my skirt. But I feel like "I needed him on my body today" as I told my classmate.

 Too bad our date was only to class in the pouring bitter rain.