Sunday, October 21, 2012

Saturated Sunset


Rings [Left to right]: Wooden ring (Vintage), Girly rings (Forever 21), Pearl ring and plain (Forever 21)

Oversize Blazer (Vintage), Mint Blouse (Forever 21), High Waisted Shorts (Vintage Calvin Klein), Lace Socks (Vintage), Mary Janes (Vintage Mudd), Sunglasses (Romwe but it's sold out), Wing earrings (Vintage Macy's), Steve Madden Fringe Purse

Well mint seems to be a color that's more for spring than fall however, I think its still workable with dark colors to make it appropriate. Plus, I absolutely love the color still! And I'm still rocking these Calvin Klein cut-offs that I wore all through the Spring/Summer. Lots of sentimentalism in this post today. 

I wonder what other trends people keep regardless of the seasons.   >:B

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