Friday, May 24, 2013

Social Lyfe and Anime Central 2013

An Indy 500 themed Arcade game at The Tilt in Circle Center.
Fountain Square.
(Left) In design school,"Herb says 'Don't be Typecasted! Use Experimental Type!" 
(Right) A stone panel that lost it's centerpiece.

Wearing above:
Tropical peplum top (simular here and here)
Pleather High Waisted shorts (H&M simular here)
Lacoste Sneakers

My adventures out in Indianapolis, Anime land at Anime Central and the Soup Bubble Rave. 

Tons of fun.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Devil's Advocate

Leather Necklace (from a goth shop at Anime Central)
Cut-off Crop Top (courtesy of AKIRA Chicago clothing)
High Waisted Shorts (Thrifted Paris Blues)
Accessories (Thrifted belt, rings)
Olympiaa Sneaker Wedges (Steve Madden)

Loving. Crop. Tops. They're my go to item for the summer especially in this sudden heat in Indiana. I don't know what I wore last summer, but this summer is all about crop tops for sure! Big thank you to Akira for this crop top! If you don't know, ShopAkira is a boutique based in Chicago which I frequent actually whenever I get the chance to be downtown Chicago. I love their edgy branding and style, and I feel like this crop top does fits my usual hunger for showing some skin ahaha! 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Batwing Lady

Baseball Cap (Target)
Black Lace Blouse (Thrifted from Goodwill)
Bat-wing Cardigan (Old but simular on Yesstyle here and here)
Pleather Leggings
Steve Madden sandals (simular here)

Out to watch The Great Gatsby movie last night! It was fabulous. Great times for a late night mother's day celebration. Oh Gatsby. For the premier with mum and friends, I created this Fresh-Off-The-Boat-From-Korea-Look with this lovely bat-wing cardigan I bought several years ago. It's a great staple piece to wear on top of monochrome looks. Plus, you don't look frumpy or lazy because the fit gives you an extra "unf" you know what I mean? Anyhow, Happy Mother's Day everyone! 

Friday, May 3, 2013

We're up all night to Get Lucky

Recent Buys: Black Jean Leggings, Light Grey Knit Sweater, Dark Grey Crop Sweater (H&M), Navy and Black Sleeveless Tops (Goodwill Thrifted)

Sunglasses (Modcloth)
Necklace (Target)
Lace Crop Top (Forever 21)
Denim Vest, White Corset underneath, Belt, Calvin Klein Shorts (Thrifted)
Sandal Wedges (Chinese Laundry [old])

End of the Sophomore year, insanely hot. The end of the year brought lots of challenges in terms of how much I can push myself creatively, and I really feel a place I fit in this design world. I feel the pieces fitting in all around me, and all the support necessary is abound. This spring feels fresh and new, white is the new black. White the color of renewal and cleanliness. I've got a new appreciation of this romantic spring color, and it feels so right. Let's celebrate more with this color.