Friday, May 3, 2013

We're up all night to Get Lucky

Recent Buys: Black Jean Leggings, Light Grey Knit Sweater, Dark Grey Crop Sweater (H&M), Navy and Black Sleeveless Tops (Goodwill Thrifted)

Sunglasses (Modcloth)
Necklace (Target)
Lace Crop Top (Forever 21)
Denim Vest, White Corset underneath, Belt, Calvin Klein Shorts (Thrifted)
Sandal Wedges (Chinese Laundry [old])

End of the Sophomore year, insanely hot. The end of the year brought lots of challenges in terms of how much I can push myself creatively, and I really feel a place I fit in this design world. I feel the pieces fitting in all around me, and all the support necessary is abound. This spring feels fresh and new, white is the new black. White the color of renewal and cleanliness. I've got a new appreciation of this romantic spring color, and it feels so right. Let's celebrate more with this color.

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